SLI 14 team
SLI Facilitators playing with gender norms by cross-dressing.

Youth Leaders

The youth are what make our programs possible. They are also why we offer our programming.

At Chinatown Youth Initiatives, we do not only believe that today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow, but that they can be the leaders of today. All of our programs are youth-run and youth-lead, which means our youth leaders take the initiative to develop new programs, run workshops and activities, and design curriculum.

Current Youth Leaders

Summer Leadership Institute

Chinatown Literacy Project 2018-2019

  • Florence Li, Coordinator
  • Kayla Lew, Coordinator
  • Lucy Chen, Coordinator
  • Brendan Zheng, Coordinator

Chinatown Beautification Day 2019

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Program Advisors

Chinatown Youth Initiatives would not be possible without the help of our volunteer program advisors. Advisors take on a host of challenges, from providing guidance to our youth, advising to our programming, and teaching ESL classes, to supporting CYI in its long-term development, and keeping in touch with our alumni, each and every one of our volunteers is a valued member of our community.

If you would like to get involved with CYI, please e-mail us at!

Current Program Advisors

  • Linda Luu, Summer Leadership Institute
  • David Ye, Chinatown Beautification Day and Youth Conference Advisor
  • Steven Huang, Chinatown Beautification Day and Youth Conference Advisor
  • Alina Shen, Chinatown Literacy Project Advisor