Find Yourself, Empower Each Other, Build Leadership: Join Summer Leadership Institute!

How will you be spending your Saturdays this summer? If you’d like to spend it making lasting friendships while exploring social justice, community, and identity, consider CYI’s Summer Leadership Institute!

For 8 weeks, you and 19 other high school youth from across New York City can work together to build an intentional safe space to engage with social identities, team building and critical thinking skills to address community issues you are passionate about. In these free workshops, where lunch will be provided, we will discuss issues centered around Asian American history as well as contemporary Asian-American issues rooted in race, class, gender, nationality, and language.

Apply here:

If you have any questions, please contact Vincent Fang ( or Linda Luu (

To improve things, people in general should not just be like, my voice does not count. One voice wouldn’t count, but if you have a lot, it would definitely make a difference… I think [that mentality] really contributes to my life and what I tell other people.

– 2008 SLI Participant

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