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CYI Summer 2020 Updates

Looking for Young Professionals to Join Board of Directors

 Chinatown Youth Initiatives is looking for young professionals to join our Board of Directors. Board Members will have opportunities to learn about CYI’s core programs, work with youth staff to develop social justice focused programming, plan and execute fundraising events, and ensure the long-term sustainability of the organization. For a detailed description, you can go here.

CBD2020 Youth Conference
Looking for Project Coordinators

Reach out to CBD2020@cyinyc.org with any questions!

Summer Leadership Institute 2020
Application is Live!

All high school and early college students are encouraged to apply. Applications are due June 26, 2020. Please reach out to CYI.SLI2020@gmail.com with any questions.

Chinatown Literacy Project: Adapting in New Times

Former CLP Coordinators, Lucy, Flo, and Kayla, standing in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter, gathered resources to support our community in understanding BLM through the lens of the Asian American experience. In a message to CLP partners, CYI, and the Asian American community at large, they said:

“During these past couple months, we have found ourselves so grateful to CLP for emboldening us to be confident and thoughtful activists. CLP was where we examined the injustices of systemic racism, from the prison industrial complex to the war on drugs. CLP was also where we learned about gentrification, the model minority myth, and intersectionality. This broadened vocabulary helped us understand our various communities from our unique position as students and young people. Although we set out to promote literacy, CLP also gave us a new language that has allowed us to insightfully speak out on social conflicts.

Now more than ever, we find ourselves missing how CLP allowed us to openly discuss, debate, or even just wrap our heads around the social issues at hand.

We urge you all to embrace discomfort: self-educate, stand up to family members who hold prejudices, reach out to those in need, and call out those who you think perpetuate the problem. Although we are not physically together, we can still begin a dialogue that seeks to unpack complex issues, and share them with others: as you all have taught us, it doesn’t take an organization to make a difference in someone else’s thinking.”

Check Out the Rest of CYI’s 2020 Summer Newsletter

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